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Informatics is changing the nurse–patient relationship, and by understanding the opportunities for beneficial care that information flow can create from admission to discharge, nurses can drastically improve point of care decisions and ultimately patient outcomes.

In the Informatics MSN track at Chatham, students will learn to integrate and utilize technology for the purpose of improved patient care through completing courses associated with both the MSN and Master in Healthcare Informatics (MHI) program. The curriculum prepares nurses to leverage technology to promote healthier patient lifestyles, manage information for more accurate patient assessment across the entire treatment process, and employ information technology throughout the healthcare environment. Graduates of the MSN program with a Informatics focus will be able to confidently apply technology to their care delivery while also leading adoption and implementation of these practices for their organizations.

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HCI583 Virtual Engagement to Improve Health

This course introduces students to a virtual world where technology is driving change, impacting the way healthcare is delivered and managed through the use of the Internet, social media and mobile technologies. Students will engage in virtual activities that transform the traditional roles of interprofessional healthcare providers.

3 Credits
NUR631 Integrating Technology into a Health Care Environment

This course will assist healthcare professionals within a graduate program to develop a strong foundation of knowledge in understanding the impact technology and informatics has in the delivery of care across various health settings. Students will be introduced to current and emerging technologies while exploring the impact on patient outcomes and staff satisfaction.

3 Credits
NUR651 Database Management for Evidence-based Decision making

This course is designed to assist the student in understanding the various database systems used within a healthcare setting. Key to this course is understanding how healthcare professionals can collect and extract data from database systems to assess the organizations performance and impact on patient outcomes.

3 Credits
NUR661 Health Care Informatics Practicum

The practicum focuses on the role of the healthcare informatics professional within a healthcare environment. Students will work closely with healthcare professionals who are directly involved in improving quality of care, organizational processes, or safety, engaging in a learning experience that further integrates program content. Practicum includes a formal preceptorship.

3 Credits
NUR671 Healthcare Informatics Capstone

This capstone course focuses on the expanded role of the healthcare informatics professional in the healthcare environment. The student will facilitate the implementation of their capstone project developed in the practicum course. The student will work in a collaborative relationship with a preceptor and other identified healthcare professionals who are involved in their project.

3 Credits

Student Quote

"The professors give you a lot of attention and support and are very invested in making sure that their students succeed. I had a great advisor who checked in on me frequently and was also a really good personal resource when I had questions about my potential professional endeavors. I found that the capstone and practicum courses were the perfect segue into my new career. The program also provided me with a lot of networking opportunities; in fact, my preceptor is now my boss, which has made the transition from being a staff nurse to an informatics nurse so much easier." – Carmen Mizer '15