Chatham University

Student Outcomes


Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the OTD Program, graduates will have developed knowledge and skills to become evidence-based practitioners, advanced clinicians, and professional leaders. Specifically, graduates will:

  1. Become self directed, evidence-based learners through the ability to access and critically evaluate the reliability of electronic databases and web resources.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to access and critically evaluate literature related to occupational therapy.
  3. Apply principles of evidence-based practice as a basis for clinical decision making in the student’s work setting.
  4. Demonstrate advanced knowledge of occupational therapy practice through the study and application of occupational science literature and occupation-based intervention.
  5. Design, implement, and evaluate the effectiveness of innovative occupation-based programs in the student’s chosen area of interest.
  6. Develop the skills to become professional leaders in areas of public policy/ethics, professional advocacy, education, and business.
Learning Outcomes will be monitored as follows:
  1. Successful completion of the Capstone Project, which requires literature review, advanced practice skills, and leadership ability.
  2. Exit interview with students to evaluate effectiveness of the program in meeting learning objectives.
  3. Follow up survey of graduates to determine the percentage of graduates employed in leadership positions following graduation.