Chatham University

OTD Testimonials


Chatham has exceeded my expectations in so many ways.  Once I decided to do the OTD and not the PhD, I am grateful that I met someone who so strongly recommended Chatham.  She was a friend of a one that I really knew and yet her endorsement was overwhelmingly positive.  It seemed like everything took me back to Chatham as an option. Continued positive reputation...and rightly so!  The faculty and my fellow cohort members are amazing, talented practitioners and it has been a pleasure to work beside you all.  I never thought that an online program would offer me the quality of education that Chatham has provided.
- Tammy Bickmore, Class of 2011


My MOT degree was 30 years old...I was excited to try some new directions, but lacked entrepreneurial skills, 21st century teaching competencies, and the computer skills required for effective evidential searches in support of best practice interventions.  Chatham University's online OTD program provided me the framework, timetable, resources, inspiration and collegial support necessary to further pursue my professional passions.  Coursework was easily connected to practice, opened new access to current professional theory and evidence, and built logically toward completion of my capstone project.  Chatham University is true to its mission of preparing students to excel and engage in their professions, to be globally conscious, and to be lifelong learners and citizen leaders!
- Ann Stuart, OTD, Class of 2010


Chatham University’s OTD program is very “do-able” for the busy practitioner. The asynchronous format allows you to work in your own place and time. Once you identify an area of interest in your practice area that you want to explore in depth, you will be able to develop and follow through with that interest to produce a highly relevant and useful evidence based project.
- Cyndy Goodwin, Class of 2007


The OTD program at Chatham was rigorous, but well worth it! I graduated from OT school just 10 years ago and boy have things changed in the field. Working full time, I was able to immediately use and practice things that I learned while studying the night before. The OTD program at Chatham provided me with the much needed flexibility to study and "attend" courses on my own schedule, (which was often after the kids were off to bed). The teachers there are rock solid, and leaders in their respective fields. I highly recommend the OTD program at Chatham, they are developing future leaders in the field of OT!
- Doug Cicero, OTR/L, OTD, Class of 2007


Chatham University’s Occupational Therapy Program is top notch. No other program compares to its’ level of innovativeness and overall quality. Students are exposed to the most current trends and ways of thinking, while learning the basic tenets of the profession. The faculty is of the highest caliber, always willing to provide assistance and support as needed. Only at Chatham University will you find both a strong faculty and curriculum working towards educating future clinicians. All I can say is that I love Chatham University’s Occupational Therapy Program... hands down it is the best!
- Kellianne K. Martin, OTD, OTR/L
   MOT Class of 2001
   OTD Class of 2007