Chatham University

Rachel Carson Institute

The Rachel Carson Institute (RCI) was established at Chatham College in 1989. Today, as Chatham University, the RCI continues the legacy of Chatham's most famous alumna, Rachel Carson, Class of '29, author, scientist and credited with helping form the modern environmental movement. The RCI is currently under transition to a new mission; please check back with us for further information.

The RCI is now part of the new Falk School of Sustainability and will continue its focus on promoting Rachel Carson's legacy - sustaining Earth's life support system - clean air, pure water, fertile soil, and biodiversity - through research, education and outreach. Rachel Carson's legacy embraces her international leadership in protecting the environment from the consequences of human actions; her body of written works making science understandable to the public, and her vision of people as part of a sustainable system of natural cycles.

As we begin building the Chatham Eden Hall Campus as an ecology-based facility, we can illustrate Rachel Carson's principles for all to share and experience. The Eden Hall Campus can amplify the philosophy Rachel Carson brought to her work, a philosophy that was shaped by her youth on the banks of the Allegheny River and her studies here in the early days of the Pennsylvania College for Women, which became Chatham University. These principles are illustrated abundantly in all of Chatham.

The RCI will focus on understanding and explaining the consequences of human actions on the global web of life. We will bring together leaders, scientists and scholars in Rachel Carson's name to address the critical issues of our time and offer creative directions and solutions. We offer empowerment and leadership for women in the synthesis of science and writing as career opportunities following in Rachel Carson's footsteps. We will sustain Rachel Carson's legacy through our actions illustrating her principles as an institution and as individuals.