Chatham University

Step forward
with a smarter plan.

The Chatham Plan is a new approach to building lives of purpose and fulfilling work.

You probably began thinking about college with a vision of yourself after you graduate. Where do you see yourself? Running your own business? Helping people overcome health and wellness challenges? Furthering knowledge in your field?

At Chatham, the courses in your major and the guidance of our passionate, committed faculty members are essential to you achieving this future. Essential, but only the beginning.

That's because in today's society, competition for jobs is fierce. You need a distinct advantage, and to be prepared for the fact that most people have several jobs throughout their lifetimes. For these two reasons, it's important that you are prepared professionally in the ways that employers say they most want from college graduates.

This is where the new Chatham Plan comes in.

The Chatham Plan is a 5-step approach to infusing the entirety of your undergraduate education with all the things you need to launch your career after you graduate. It's thoughtful professional preparation developed with real intent. It's a fundamental part of the Chatham experience and highly customizable to help you reach your goals.

Steps 1 & 2: Assessment and Goals

Beginning your first year, you will have the opportunity, through individual assessment, to identify behaviors and skills that are essential to establishing your career goals and success. And through reflection, action, and practice, you'll develop targeted action plans for your goals while enhancing your essential communication and leadership skills.

Step 3: Professional preparation

You will participate in courses and advising that will introduce you to careers and provide you with professional career preparation.

+ You'll learn to:
  • Develop personal skills that support professional goals
  • Develop a professional persona, including elements of dress, communication, and behavior
  • Develop leadership skills and learn to take initiative
  • Develop problem-solving skills
  • Develop an understanding of the sophisticated applications of technology
  • Develop an understanding of data analysis and data management
  • Prepare a professional résumé
  • Make a budget or financial plan
  • Explain ideas clearly in writing
  • Prioritize work and set goals
  • Manage a project and work as part of a collaborative team
  • Stay organized and manage time efficiently
  • Manage a meeting
  • Collaborate with colleagues with differing perspectives
  • Clarify ethical dilemmas and manage conflicts of social and cultural values

Step 4: Internships

The supervised internship will provide you with reinforcement of your skills and professional development opportunities outside the classroom. Far from a stand-alone experience, the internship is developed strategically with the help of your advisors, and there is close communication throughout between you, your advisors and an internship supervisor to ensure that on-site and in-classroom learning continue to reinforce one another. The internship is a contextual opportunity to put into action what you have learned.

Step 5: The graduation checklist...

This checklist guarantees that no matter what your major is, by the time you graduate, you'll have undertaken research or an entrepreneurial experience, develop top-notch writing skills, and explore online learning in new, meaningful ways.

Integrated Capstone Seminar

The goal of this experiential learning opportunity is to provide dedicated time and faculty mentorship for you to pursue a comprehensive research and/or entrepreneurial experience that expands upon what you have already accomplished.

Writing Intensive coursework in major

The value of knowledge is directly related to the ability to express it. That's why regardless of your major, we require that you take six credits of courses that qualify as Writing Intensive – ensuring that you are well-versed in using writing to communicate in your field, regardless of the form that might take.

Chatham University Mission Statement

Chatham University prepares its students to build lives of purpose, value, and fulfilling work. Through professional skill development and liberal arts learning, Chatham prepares its graduates to be informed and engaged citizens in their communities; to recognize and respect diversity of culture, identity, and opinion; and to live sustainably.