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Butler County Community College (BC3)
BA in Communication Partnership

Save tens of thousands of dollars on a BA in Communication from Chatham University (gas money, too) with the BC3+CU program.

It's Easy

  1. Start your associate's degree in general studies at BC3 Main Campus.
  2. Earn up to 90 credits.*
  3. Transfer them to Chatham.
  4. Stay on BC3's campus all four years taking 90 credits of BC3 courses and 30 credits from Chatham.
  5. Graduate with a BA in Communication, specializing in public relations, from Chatham.

*Students enrolled in the BC3+CU BA Communication degree program who have earned a grade of C or better in all applicable coursework and who have been (or will be prior to matriculation) awarded the associate degree in General Studies or a related field from BC3 are exempt from the general education and mission course university requirements.

Here's how it works:

During YEARS 1 AND 2, you'll complete the general studies associate's degree. Visit BC3 academic programs in general studies to see your course curriculum requirements.

Once you earn your associate's degree, you'll have 60 credits to transfer into the BC3+CU program.

During YEAR 3: you'll have the opportunity to earn 30 credits at BC3 rates by taking BC3 courses (noted in green) that are the equivalent of Chatham courses listed below.

Fall Spring
  • COM101 Foundations of Human Communication (COM121)
  • COM141 Media Literacy (COM135)
  • COM209 Intercultural Communication (COM215)
  • Elective (200 level)
  • Elective (200 level)
  • COM106 Media & Society (COM101)
  • COM261 Web Design I: Code + Aesthetics (COM245)
  • COM250 Intro to Digital Video Production (COM205)
  • Elective (200 level)

During YEAR 4 you'll round out your education with the Chatham courses at BC3 required to earn your BA in Communication.

Fall Spring
  • COM234W Persuasion
  • COM260W Introduction to Public Relations
  • COM353  Print Design
  • COM374  Documentary and Photojournalism
  • INTCOM303 Internship**
  • COM313 Special Topics
  • COM360 Advanced Public Relations
  • COM400 Media Ethics & Law
  • COM490 Integrative Capstone Seminar
  • 300 or 400 level Elective (or MPW graduate course)

**You might also complete your internship during the summer after your first year 

"After graduating high school, I opted to work and go to community college.  I became self-reliant and enjoyed working and going to school, but I wanted my bachelor's degree.  When the BC3 + Chatham program was introduced, I knew it was meant for me!  I could get all the advantages of an undergraduate program without it interfering with my work schedule."
                                    - MADDIE SMITH '19, PUBLIC RELATIONS 

Here's What Else The BC3+CU Has To Offer

  • Guidance from Career Development during your final year. From career exploration to interview preparation, Career Development at Chatham offers lots of services to help you land a job after you graduate.
  • On-site support. A Chatham advisor will be on BC3’s main campus for 4-8 hours per week to help you with admission, enrollment, advising, and registration questions.
  • Dreaming of study abroad? We can help make it happen: earn a $250 credit each semester that you're enrolled in full-time Chatham courses toward a Chatham-sponsored study abroad program.
  • Scholarship eligibility: Full-time students are eligible for the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society scholarship (up to $2,000/year).
  • Take your education further - while saving you time and even more money - with a master's degree. During your fourth year of the BC3+CU, you can take graduate courses at undergraduate tuition rates. (Please note that the graduate courses may not be available on BC3's campus.)


Did You Know?

Students enrolled in other BC3 academic programs can also apply to the BC3+CU program. All coursework completed with a C or higher will be considered.