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Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Chatham University prepares its students, on campus and around the world, to excel in their professions and to be engaged, environmentally responsible, globally conscious, life-long learners, and citizen leaders for democracy. Chatham offers superb career preparation informed by the liberal arts.

Communication is a degree targeted to new opportunities in a media-savvy world. Students in the major take a common set of core courses that prepares them for careers in an industry where convergence in print and online media is growing. Students then choose one of four concentrations: Human Communication, Journalism, Public Relations, and Graphic Design. In addition to required course work, students must complete an internship and a tutorial presenting the results of an extensive print, public relations, or media project.

Graphic Design

Students develop design foundations, a knowledge of communication methodologies, design praxis, and problem-solving techniques. These communication systems are modified and adapted to varying forms of media - from print and video to the web - so that they may become flexible and responsible designers working within a rapidly shifting global culture. Graduates will be prepared to work in design industries and will also be able to pursue graduate work within the field.

Human Communication

Students in human communication learn from the disciplines of journalism and public relations to understand and gain mastery of both sides—the promotional and the objective—of communication. Students learn the "how to" of interviewing, researching, writing, and placing professional quality articles for a full range of magazines and newspapers, and also the principles and practices of public relations as a basic component in the promotion and marketing of goods and services. Students also investigate organizational communications from a variety of perspectives. 


Students in journalism learn the practice of investigating, reporting, and writing for events and issues in newspapers, magazines, journals and online publications. This concentration combines traditional journalism with the advantages of communication technology. Students learn to practice, publish and distribute stories across digital delivery platforms. A foundation in communications theory, history, and media ethics provides students with a deeper understanding of journalistic practice in a ever changing global media industry.

Public Relations

Students in public relations learn promotion, advertising and branding strategies through research. Combined with technical-artistic skills such as photography, print, and web design, students strengthen their position in the global marketplace and community. This concentration focuses on commercial and non-profit communication strategies and skills required for practice in managing organizations and its publics. 

At Chatham you will be able to write, investigate and report the news, design digital and print media. Here you will have the access to the tools and technology that professionals are using in their field. Just as important, you will sharpen your mind to communicate clearly in whichever medium you choose. Along the way, you might even discover a new and unexpected path. Chatham's program allows you to explore related disciplines such as the media arts within the same degree program. As you learn applied skills combined with history, theory, and context, you will gain a strong and creative foundation for life beyond college.

The BA in Communications degree leading to a MA in Communications is available as a 3+1 program. See the curriculum for details.