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Spring 2021 Entry Testing

This page details Chatham's policies for entry testing and sheltering in place for the spring term.  


Spring 2021 Entry Testing Details

Chatham required Entry Testing before the start of the term for the following student categories:

  1.  Students living in any on-campus housing (including apartments)
  2. Students living off-campus who are attending an in-person class or participating in on-campus activities

Students who met the criteria above had to receive a negative COVID test within five days prior to arrival to on-campus housing or before their first in-person class or activity. For those unable to receive a test while off campus or at home, Student Health Services provided on-campus testing (available by online appointment and by student group). 

The addition of Entry Testing to our testing protocol was implemented based on the latest guidance from the Pennsylvania Department of Health (PDH) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and was one more addition to our daily health and safety protocols that help us monitor and mitigate COVID-19 on campus. 

Entry Testing Scenarios

Example testing scenarios and timing were as follows:

Off-Campus Testing 

  • If a resident moved in on January 10, then their off-campus test should be completed and the results submitted on or after January 5.
  • If a commuter began in-person classes on January 25, then their off-campus test should be completed and the results submitted on or after January 20.

On-Campus Testing

  • Residents were asked to complete their on-campus test within 72 hours of arriving on-campus (while sheltering in-place) per the schedule below.
  • Commuters were asked to complete their on-campus test based on their in-person class start date per the schedule below.

We strongly encouraged all students to secure their tests while at home before coming to campus. If you were required to quarantine from a positive test taken at home, you w able to complete your quarantine at home and not have to move to campus quarantine housing.   

On-Campus Testing Schedule & Sign-Up

The on-campus testing schedule was as follows:   

January 4 & 5 RAs, GRDs, and approved winter residents and early arrivals
January 5 & 6 Health science commuter students returning to class January 11 
January 11 All residents and health science commuter students returning to class January 15 
January 13 All Eden Hall residents (at Eden Hall Campus)
January 20 All commuter students returning to class January 25 

It was mandatory to register prior to your test appointment to accommodate the number of students that needed to be tested. Testing was free, but your insurance information was requested. Your insurance was only be charged if testing was covered under your policy.

Off-Campus Test Reporting

Students who received a test off-campus or had a positive COVID test in the last 90 days before the start of in-person classes on January 25th were asked to submit their results here at the Spring 2021 Entry PCR Test form.

Off-Campus Testing Locations

In addition to private testing facilities around the area, the Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD) has several convenient, local sites where students could be tested, with over 20 testing sites within a 5-mile radius of Chatham’s Shadyside Campus—including a free, drive-up site in McKeesport.

A map of local testing locations is available on the County’s website, and you can follow the Allegheny County Health Department on social media for updates on mobile clinics throughout the area. 


In addition to the Entry Testing requirements outlined above, Chatham asked all students (including those living off campus) to shelter in place by limiting all non-essential activities prior to and upon arrival at Chatham. 

Students were only permitted to attend in-person classes once they have received and submitted a negative COVID-19 test and their shelter-in-place period of 7-10 days was complete. 

Changes to the Academic Calendar

Based on the new Entry Testing protocols and the need to accommodate the testing schedule, the new start date for the majority of in-person classes was January 25 (virtual classes began as previously scheduled on January 11).  

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are unable to obtain a test off campus, Student Health Services will accommodate you. A Curative mobile testing van will be on campus on January 11th for campus residents and on January 20th for commuter students.
The newly authorized OTC at-home COVID-19 diagnostic test is an antigen test. Chatham will only accept PCR tests for re-entry.
You will be required to have a PCR test for re-entry.
You will need to connect with your faculty member to notify them and make arrangements for accommodations until your result is available.
If you obtain a test off campus, you will be required to complete this online form. There, you will be able to upload an image of your test results. If your test is positive, you will not be able to return to campus until you have completed your isolation period.
You will need to arrange a virtual schedule with your instructors.