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What To Do If...

This page contains information on "what to do if" sick or identified as a close contact of someone positive for COVID-19 for vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals. Chatham’s guidelines follow the latest directions from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD). They may be subject to change.

If You Are Fully-Vaccinated . . .

…and experience symptoms of COVID-19 

Although the risk that fully vaccinated people could become infected with COVID-19 is low, if you experience symptoms consistent with COVID-19, you should: 

  • Stay home and monitor your symptoms.
  • If symptoms worsen or linger, seek evaluation by a medical provider for COVID-19.
  • Get tested if indicated by your medical provider.
  • Be sure to let your healthcare provider know that you are fully vaccinated.
  • Isolate if you test positive. 

…or have been exposed to someone with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 

If you are fully vaccinated and identified as a close contact to a positive case, you should: 

  • Wear a mask in public indoor settings for 14 days or until receiving a negative test result.
  • Monitor for symptoms and be tested within 3-5 days following a known exposure to someone with suspected or confirmed COVID-19.
  • Isolate if you test positive.

If You Are Not Vaccinated . . .

…and experience symptoms of COVID-19 

  • Stay home. If your symptoms persist or worsen, arrange to get tested for COVID-19.
    • If your test is negative, continue to monitor your symptoms. Consult with your healthcare provider if they persist or worsen.
    • If your test is positive, you will begin to isolate for a minimum of 10 days and have a contact tracing interview conducted by Chatham and Allegheny County to determine your close contacts. You may return to work or class when your symptoms have cleared up and/or as directed by your healthcare provider. 

…and have been exposed to someone with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 

  • Stay home and begin a 10-day quarantine.
  • If you do not develop symptoms, complete the 10-day quarantine. You may return to class or work on day 11.
  • If you develop symptoms, continue to stay home and call your healthcare provider for a consultation.
  • If you are directed to receive a COVID 19 test:
    • If it is negative, you still must complete the 10-day quarantine protocol at home. If you develop symptoms (or symptoms worsen), contact your healthcare provider.
    • If it is positive, you will need to complete a 10-day isolation protocol at home and participate in a contact tracing interview by Allegheny County and/or Chatham to determine your close contacts. Monitor for any symptoms (or change in symptoms) and follow the guidance of your healthcare provider and health officials.
  • You may return to class or work 11 days after your exposure, you are symptom free, and/or have been cleared by Allegheny County.

How to Get Tested on Campus

Below are the steps you should follow to schedule and receive testing on campus. Please note that at this time, on-campus testing is only available to students.    

  • Make an appointment with Student Health Services by scheduling online or call 412-365-1714. Testing is available Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am to Noon.  Appointments must be scheduled in advance. 
  • When it’s time for your appointment, go to Student Health Services at the back of Woodland Hall for check-in.  Please bring your student ID and wear a mask.
  • A trained test provider will administer the test, which involves putting a swab in your nose. 
  • After the test, it will be taken into the lab for processing. You will be asked to remain close by; processing and results take about 15 minutes. 
  • Student Health Services will provide you the results and directions for next steps, based on your specific situation and test results. 

Reporting Off-Campus Testing Results

If you get tested off of campus, fill out this form. It will be filed confidentially, and then contact tracing can begin.