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Mark Kassel

Mark Kassel

Director, Chatham Online
Joined Chatham : 2015

Academic Areas of Interest

Crisis and Trauma Intervention, Forensic Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Online/Hybrid Education

Personal Areas of Interest

Dr. Kassel is a devout animal lover, particular dogs, and enjoys spending time with his family.


Dr. Mark E. Kassel is a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist with an extensive professional record of working severe and chronic mental illness, behavior disorders, substance abuse/addiction and sexual offenders. Dr. Kassel has worked internationally aiding in crisis and trauma intervention in Rwanda, Africa and Batticola, Sri Lanka.





  • Online Instructor Training Program (2015)
  • Managing the Online Classroom (2015)
  • The Art of Online Discussion (2015)
  • ADA Compliance for Online Courses (2014)
  • Defining Instructional Time for Online and Hybrid Courses (2014)
  • Online Course Development for Instructors (2015)
  • Rubrics: Pedagogy and Technology for Online Implementation (2015)
  • Global HOPE Initiative Inaugural Offering of this Train-the-Trainer Curriculum Kigali/Rulindo, Rwanda, Africa (December 2011) 21 Day Intensive Course
  • Global HOPE Pilot Kigali, Rwanda, Africa (December 2010) 9 Day Pilot Course
  • Casemanagement for Developmentally Disable Sexual Offender ICAN Sponsored Training Program Springfield, Illinois (November 2009) 6-Hour Program
  • Introduction to Crisis Counseling, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka (January 2009) 9 Day Intensive Course