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Criminology is the scientific study of crime, its causes, and methods of prevention. Criminologists use concepts, theories, and methods from social and behavioral sciences-sociology, psychology, political science, legal studies, history, and criminal justice-to explore the causes and consequences of criminal behavior.

Our criminology program is based on social justice principles and will challenge students to:

  • analyze data on crime perpetration and victimization;
  • examine the impact of social inequality on definitions and control of human behavior;
  • examine the impact of legal/social policies on criminal behavior; and
  • examine and evaluate crime prevention, control models, and treatment offender programs.

Our program offers both a major and minor. Completing a criminology major will prepare students for continued graduate study in criminology, law, or other social/behavioral sciences or for entry-level positions in human service, legal, correctional, and law enforcement agencies.

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