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Criminology (BA) Learning Outcomes

Criminology program goals provide the basis for program assessment. Specific learning objectives tied to each course will follow from these program goals and guide the evaluation of student learning.

Upon completion of the Criminology major students will demonstrate mastery of knowledge and/or skills in the following areas:

  • Administration of Justice: Demonstrate knowledge of the purpose and functioning of the contemporary American criminal justice system, and distinctions between adult and juvenile justice systems.
  • Criminological theory: Demonstrate knowledge of theories of crime, offender typologies, and victimology.
  • Law Enforcement: Demonstrate knowledge of history, theory, practice and legal environment of law enforcement and police organizations.
  • Law adjudication: Demonstrate knowledge of criminal law, criminal procedures, prosecution, defense, court procedures, and decision-making.
  • Corrections: Demonstrate knowledge of the history, theory, practice and legal environment of American corrections.
  • Research and analytic methods: Demonstrate knowledge of quantitative and qualitative methods for conducting and analyzing ethical criminal justice research.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of diversity issues in criminal justice.
  • Demonstrate professional behavior in an applied setting related to criminal justice or criminology.


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