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March Marketing Mondays: Marketing Strategies for the Food Industry during COVID-19

March 29, 2021
12:00 PM - 01:00 PM
Online, Zoom

This online training series is designed to support food-based businesses to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic. Through four interactive webinars on March 8, 15, 22 and 29, we’ll explore marketing tactics and best practices to best communicate in today’s market. Business owners will learn tools and techniques to evaluate their sales models, create meaningful brand impressions and meet their customers’ needs. Topics will include strategies to clearly communicate your brand message and maximize its impact through essential channels: website, email, social media channel and more. Exercises will also include brand message building (for new businesses) and brand messaging audits (for existing businesses).

Speaker: Rachel Graper, Serial Food Entrepreneur & Marketing Professional

Webinar 1 - March 8: Sales: Maximizing your Offering --- To access the Webinar 1 Recording, CLICK HERE!
This webinar will provide best practices and tips to implement for success during the pandemic and in response to changing customer needs. Topics covered include what are you selling, your customer values, product versus service businesses, and how to examine what the most profitable or efficient product in your line-up. During a pandemic, what opportunities can one uncover to meet customer needs and propel your businesses?

Webinar 2 - March 15: Brand: Maximizing your Impression --- To access the Webinar 2 Recording,CLICK HERE!
This interactive brand webinar will cover what a brand is, how customers learn about your brand, and channel identification with a focus on “less is more.” How to audit you current channels (offline/online), what is your call to action (CTA), branding exercises, audience reviews and revamping your current strategy. There will be actionable best practice takeaways which cover communication hierarchy, domains, email marketing and website reviews.

Webinar 3 - March 22: Marketing: Maximizing your Customer Outreach --- To access the Webinar 3 Recording, CLICK HERE!
This webinar will review the brand audits from the prior week and how to put your brand impression into practice. Strategic best practices for customer relationship marketing including goals, templates and segmentation will be covered. Email marketing will be given special attention with practical examples and a review of current email marketing products. Topics such as lead generation websites, virtual and in-person events and business partnerships will also be discussed.

Webinar 4 - March 29: Integration: Maximizing Effort for Impact --- To access the Webinar 4 Recording, CLICK HERE!
This webinar will integrate the content covered in the three previous webinars and examine how to combine the sales model, branding and marketing efforts for maximum impact and minimum duplication. We will also examine fundraising campaigns with a focus on crowdfunding platforms. Marketing strategies for the Food Industry during COVID-19 will wrap up with a discussion on how to “Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing,” saying Yes to the most impactful opportunities and just as importantly, saying No to the least impactful opportunities.

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Location : Online, Zoom

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