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Women Business Leaders Breakfast Series

February 11, 2011
07:30 AM - 09:00 AM
James Laughlin Music Hall, Chatham University, Shadyside Campus

Many nonprofits are on the ropes today, fighting for their survival as our nation moves on from a poor economy. What does the next ten years hold for nonprofits? While we cannot be certain as to the specifics, we do know it is going to involve high velocity change. Thus, the ability of an organization to incorporate rapid, intense, continuous change will increasingly define its future success and value.

This is a challenging and complex proposition for the majority of nonprofit organizations because most are undercapitalized, facing severe state and federal budget cuts, incorporating and dealing with technological innovations, attempting to seek out new initiatives to generate revenue, and coping with new competition from for-profit entities.

This session will explore the non-negotiable management practices that nonprofits will need to embrace if they want to endure and thrive.

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Fee : $25 for public, Free for Chatham Faculty, Staff & Students
Location : James Laughlin Music Hall, Chatham University, Shadyside Campus

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