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Women Business Leaders Breakfast Series

Carla Castagnero

Co-Founder, AgRecycle

Carla Castagnero

Carla is an attorney with degrees from Columbia and Duquesne University. She co-founded AgRecycle in 1991 and today AgRecycle is Pennsylvania’s largest composting company, handling over 80% of all food scraps that are composted within the Commonwealth. AgRecycle is one of the oldest and most successful composting companies in the U.S., and certainly a pioneer in transforming yard trimmings, pre and postconsumer food waste and food processing residuals into high-value compost products. Castagnero’s success as a business, marketer and educator in the value of organics is evidenced by the company’s distinguished client list, which includes the Pittsburgh Pirates and Pittsburgh Zoo.

Carla, along with Alice Waters of Chez Panisse Restaurant, are the only two recipients of the Organic Pioneer Award from the Rodale Institute not working in traditional agriculture. The Rodale Institute is the foundation arm of Rodale Press and Organic Gardening Magazine.