Chatham University

Women Business Leaders Breakfast Series

Dr. Ria David

President & Co-Founder, Cybergenetics

Dr. Ria David Cybergenetics developed the TrueAllele® technology to automate STR DNA interpretation using computers. In 2000 TrueAllele was adapted for the forensics field to help the Forensic Science Service of the UK automate its reference sample processing for their national convicted offender database. Cybergenetics continued to develop the TrueAllele technology for use with complex mixtures, including working to help identify victim remains from the World Trade Center terrorism attack. TrueAllele is currently the most sophisticated, and scientifically validated, commercial computer technology for interpreting complex STR DNA evidence from crime scenes. Cybergenetics has provided testimony in state, federal, military and foreign courts in multiple cases ranging from homicide, rape, violent assault, sexual molestation, robbery and terrorism. The TrueAllele technology has Pennsylvania State Supreme Court precedent.

Dr. Ria David is president of Cybergenetics. She and Dr. Mark Perlin built the Oakland based biotechnology company, established in 1994. Dr. David received her PhD in American History with a focus on business culture from Carnegie Mellon University in 1999. She has an Executive MBA from the Katz Business School of the University of Pittsburgh.