Chatham University

Women Business Leaders Breakfast Series

Josephine Caminos Oría

Granddaughter & CEO,
La Dorita, LLC

Josephine Oría Josephine Oria is a Pittsburgh native that is nurturing five young children, a food & beverage start-up company, and an established, yet growth-oriented healthcare company. She is also an advocate for female entrepreneurs and their ability to combine running growing and fast-paced businesses (including startups) and motherhood.

Started in 2009 as an effort to bring Argentine-style dulce de leche to the Pittsburgh market, La Dorita's "milk caramel spread" is now offered in multiple markets throughout western Pennsylvania and 42 Whole Foods outlets across the mid-Atlantic region. The innovative company is the child of Josephine Oria -- whose memories of enjoying her grandmother's homemade dulce de leche inspired her to start the company. One of the company's newest products is a duce de leche liqueur, and one of their newest projects is La Dorita's Kitchen Share Program, an incubator kitchen available to start-up food entrepreneurs looking for a home and consulting services. The latter will also include funding via grass-roots campaigns such as to assist in launching startup projects.