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Just Films - Dolores

Dolores honors the tireless work of Dolores Huerta, one of the fiercest activists for racial, gender, and labor justice in history. On the front lines with Cesar Chavez, she organized farmworkers


Just Films - I am Evidence

I Am Evidence gives attention to a little-known injustice that harms survivors of sexual violence. The film reveals that thousands of rape kits remain untested in the United States, a huge barri


Just Films - Served Like a Girl

Served Like A Girl is a triumphant film that honestly portrays the experiences of veteran women as they readjust to civilian life. Many of these heroines suffer from PTSD, homelessness, illness,


Just Films - We Wear the Mask

We Wear the Mask powerfully represents the challenges for low-income women in Pittsburgh, and demonstrates the psychological effects of poverty. Women are disproportionately disadvantaged by growing economic inequality in our


Just Films - Woman on Fire

Woman on Fire is a celebration of Brooke Guinan, the first openly transgender firefighter in New York City. A heartfelt rendering of adventure, heroism, passion, and vulnerability, this documentary is an inspiration to every


Just Films - Whose Streets?

Whose Streets? examines how the Black Lives Matter movement grew in the wake of the riots in Ferguson, Missouri. In the aftermath of the police shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown, activists poured into the streets to deman


Just Films - Soufra

Soufra follows the story of Mariam Shaar, a successful entrepreneur. After overcoming tremendous challenges throughout her time in the Burj El Barajneh refugee camp, Mariam launched "Soufra", a popular catering company. Viewe


Just Films - Code: Debugging the Gender Gap

CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap reveals the deeply rooted misogyny within the tech industry, and demonstrates why gender and racial parity are so important. This film shows us how bright the future will look if STEM fields are