Chatham University

For Faculty

Chatham University faculty are key partners in the Women's Institute. Here are some of the ways our faculty are involved:

Affiliated Faculty

Click here to see a list of faculty affiliated with the Women's Institute through their teaching and scholarship.

Scholarship Support

We are developing new programs to support faculty scholarship, including:

  • A Scholars in Residence program for Chatham faculty conducting related research.
  • Faculty Fellowships for course development work.
  • Visiting Scholars program to support colleagues in residence on our campus for one or two semesters.

Teaching Support

We are available to provide consultation on issues of gender equity in the classroom and beyond. The Institute will also support professional development and provide resources related to gender and co-educational pedagogical practices.

Faculty spotlight

Affiliated Faculty member Dr. Anissa Wardi's book is now out in paperback! Water and African American Memory offers the first sustained treatise on watercourses in the African American expressive tradition. Her holistic approach especially highlights the ways that water acts not only as a metaphorical site of trauma, memory, and healing but also as a material site.

Dr. Britney Brinkman, an Affiliated Faculty member with the Women’s Institute, has published a new book, Detection and Prevention of Identity-Based Bullying, that looks closely at gender-based harassment as part of larger systems of power in U.S. and UK culture. She provides recommendations for best practices for teachers, administrators, and mental health professionals.

Affiliated faculty member Dr. Lou Martin's new book is out on October 15th! Smokestacks in the Hills: Rural-Industrial Workers in West Virginia (University of Illinois Press, Working Class in American History series, 2015) attends to gender in an analysis of rural, industrial working class culture.

Affiliated faculty member Dr. Peggy Stubbs was interviewed for an article in Al Jazeera in response to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's comments about women and menstruation. She explained, "Attacks on women's credibility and competence with reference to menstruation is age old and has been used as a way to discredit women seeking political office." Al Jazeera, 8-10-15: