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Eden Hall Campus

Chatham's Eden Hall Campus is way more than a 388-acre plot of land. It's the embodiment of a commitment Chatham makes everyday to support sustainability and environmental education. In fact, it will be home to Chatham's Falk School of Sustainability and function as a living and learning laboratory, where the campus just doesn't house classrooms, but is the classroom. It's where a blend of knowledge, experience, and creativity is always working, persistently developing, and constantly improving. It's the first in the world of its kind. And it's where all efforts are focused on attaining the greatest social, economic, and environmental impact through greatly limiting our ecological impact.

Using the latest in environmentally responsible technology, design and innovation, Eden Hall will be self-sustaining in every way by emitting zero carbon emissions, managing all storm and waste water on-site, and producing more energy than it consumes. With the help of the lead architecture firm Mithun, and the vision of the 388-acre, 20-year master plan developed by BNIM and Andropogon, Eden Hall will one day serve more than 1,500 students with programs in the fields of sustainability, health sciences, business, and more.

Eden Hall Campus:
A brighter, healthier tomorrow

There’s a lot going on at Eden Hall Campus, and it all goes back to Chatham’s work in sustainability. Learn more about Chatham’s history of sustainability leadership that has driven plans for our green campus. Download the campus brochure.

Academic Programs at Eden Hall Campus

Eden Hall Campus is the canvas for the Falk School of Sustainability's academic programs. The Falk School's Bachelor of Sustainability, Master of Sustainability, Master of Arts in Food Studies, and dual-degree Master of Sustainability-Master of Business Administration programs utilize the campus's field labs, green houses, gardens, fields, orchard, and surrounding forest to put their education into practice to work toward a more sustainable and just future.

In addition to Falk School programs, students can also choose from Chatham's highly sought-after degree programs in areas aligned with the job opportunities and economy of Pittsburgh, including the fields of healthcare, nursing, business, communication, and the arts & sciences.

Many of the Eden Hall courses and programs are tailored to students with already demanding professional and personal lives and focus on providing students with knowledge immediately applicable to their fields. Students will also benefit from the flexibility of choosing fully online programs or programs that are available with a mixture of online and evening or weekend on-campus classes.

Learn more about our degree programs for fall 2015.

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Master Plan

Eden Hall Master Plan

The development of Eden Hall Campus has taken countless aspects into account, each one focused on making it a liveable, sustainable, and functional academic center. To see what Chatham has in store for the campus's future, please download a copy of the master plan, "A Splendid Vision".

Falk School of Sustainability

The Falk School of Sustainability was created to expand the potential of Eden Hall Campus and honor the legacy of alumna and environmentalist Rachel Carson. The Falk School will provide innovative interdisciplinary education and research opportunities to identify and solve environmental and sustainability challenges facing our communities. Read More.


Sustainability Awards & Recognition

Though we aren't in it for the laurels, we do take great pride in our efforts. We don't see each as a pat on the back, but as a push to keep us moving forward toward our sustainability goals. Read More.