Chatham University

"Lessons Learned from Desegregation Programs that Apply to all Students and Teachers"

Tuesday, January 17, 2017
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Welker Room, James Laughlin Music Center

Please join Chatham University's Education Department as they welcome Dr. Susan Uchitelle. Dr. Susan Uchitelle has been an educator all of her professional life. Prior to 1981, she taught elementary school, taught student teachers and received her PhD in Education Policy and Program Development from Washington University.

She has written extensively on school choice in the public sector and was a co-author along with Judge Gerald Heaney of the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals of the recently published book, Unending Struggle: The Long Road to an Equal Education in St. Louis.

Most recently Dr. Uchitelle founded Confluence Academy, a set of charter schools in St. Louis which has five schools and over 3000 students kindergarten through twelfth grades. The school started with 240 students in 2004 and has grown significantly since its inception. She was board chair until 2009, when she turned over the reins to another board member so that she could spend more time in the schools and focus primarily on achievement issues. She remains on the Board of Confluence Academy.

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