Day of Sharing

April 22, 2020

Thank you to the entire Chatham community for participating in our Day of Sharing! We raised more than $285,969 in direct support for scholarships and emergency aid for Chatham students, our strongest response yet. Over 500 Chatham community members engaged throughout the days—sharing stories, participating in virtual sessions, and making gifts in support of students.

Support Chatham Students

Please consider giving to one of the following to help Chatham provide students with the support they need to offset unexpected costs due to COVID-19:

  • The Student Emergency Fund provides financial support to students who need assistance meeting basic living expenses. 
  • Scholarships provide undergraduate students with much-needed financial aid and scholarship awards to support their academic pursuits.  
  • The Graduate Student Assistance Fund provides short-term tuition and other assistance to graduate students. 

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Thank You for Giving

Thank you to the Chatham community members who generously gave over $285,969 in support of our students for the Day of Sharing! Special thanks to our lead Day of Sharing donors: Kent & Martha McElhattan; Tom & Bonnie VanKirk ’81; David & Sue Finegold; Sigo & Jean Falk; Duff & Sibby McCrady ’81; and Nancy Waichler ’55!

Share Your Chatham Story or Message of Support

Thank you for being an important part of our community! We want to hear from you. What’s a favorite memory of Chatham? How has being a member of our community impacted your life? What do you want current—and future—students to know? Or just leave a note of support for the Chatham community. Written and video messages welcomed!  

Share Your Story

Read Our Community Stories

We’re grateful to the alumni, faculty, staff, students, and friends who shared their stories with us!  Read about their favorite memories, how being part of the Chatham community has impacted their lives, and the messages of support and encouragement they have for current and future Chatham students

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Join Chatham Connect

Now more than ever, it’s vital that we stay connected to one another. Chatham Connect is our new virtual community that connects alumni and students around the globe through mentorship and purposeful conversations. You can become a mentor for a current student or seek a mentor that fits your interests. 

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Always ChathamU

Chatham’s community isn’t lessened by being kept apart or weakened by uncertainty. Our relationships are strengthened through adversity. Our character flourishes during challenging times. Now more than ever, our commitment to each other, and to our mission and values, keeps us strong.

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Day of Sharing

Student Spotlight: Lauren Copeland

This student-on-student interview highlights two first-year creatives—Abigail Kneuss ’23, a communications major, and Lauren Copeland ’23, an artist who aspires to one day be an art teacher.


The number of donors who contributed to Chatham's Day of Giving in 2019.

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Donations poured in from around the country during last year's Day of Giving. A total of $275,240 was raised!

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Your support at any level to one of our student funds will help us quickly provide assistance for students who are facing hardships as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Chatham received donations from 297 alumni during the 2019 Day of Giving.

Add a Little ChathamU to Your Zoom!

If you’re missing spring on Shadyside Campus as much as we are, we’ve got something to brighten your spirits: custom ChathamU Zoom backgrounds! Inspired by Archivist Molly Tighe, profiled in Bloomberg for her use of archival images as Zoom backgrounds, we’re providing nine beautiful backgrounds to enhance your video conferences.

Campus Sensory Garden Offers New Path to Mindfulness

As the start of spring weather coincides with the strange new world of social distancing, more and more people are turning to the outdoors for both stimulation and serenity. Our Occupational Therapy program has just the thing… a sensory garden, like the one planted at Eden Hall Campus!

Students Shine as World-Ready Interns

As part of Chatham’s commitment to career development and preparation, all of our undergraduate students have to complete an internship. Some adventurous students take this degree requirement the extra mile (or several thousand) and complete internships abroad. We caught up with three of these globetrotters to learn more about the perks of passport stamps and international resume builders.

Alumni in Love (& in Uniform)

Capt Lauren Yurish, PsyD ‘19 and CPT Bret Crittenden, PsyD ‘19 wear a lot of hats—clinical psychologists, active duty service members, Chatham graduates, spouses! We caught up with Lauren and Bret to hear all about meeting in Chatham’s PsyD program, the ins and outs of military psychology, and how they make their long-distance marriage work.