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Global Focus

Year of Europe: Germany

Global Focus | Year of Europe: Germany

The Global Focus program at Chatham University engages our students in the purposeful study of peoples and civilizations. Our community of scholars promotes the acquisition of sustainable global competencies through the critical and holistic exploration of one specific country or region of the globe every year. The program concurrently reinforces crosscultural ties and internationalization initiatives in the greater Pittsburgh area and beyond.

Last year's focus… The Year of The Far East: China (2006-2007)

This year's focus… The Year of Europe: Germany (2007-2008)

Next year's focus… The Year of Africa: (2009-2010)

Scholastic Focus on Germany

  • First Year Seminars integrate the study of Jenny Erpenbeck’s Old Child and Other Stories (fall)
  • Constitution of a German Studies Documentary Fund at Chatham’s JK Mellon Library. Courtesy of Robert Dahlberg and David Murdoch (fall)
  • Dr. Allyson Lowe (Political Science): Special Topics: Contemporary Germany
    Public forums with contributions from Sky Foerster, President of the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh (Wed., Sept. 26); David Murdoch, Honorary Consul for the Federal Republic of Germany in Pittsburgh (Tues., Oct. 2); and Dan Simpson, former U.S. Ambassador and Post-Gazette associate editor (Tues., Nov. 13). All classes at 6:30 p.m. in Sanger Lecture Hall. (fall)
  • Dr. Heather McNaugher (Writing, Literary and Cultural Studies) and Dr. Karen Goldman (Cultural Studies): Snapshots on Walter Benjamin (fall/spring)
  • Dr. Chris Michelmore (History): Europe in the 20th century (fall)
  • Dr. Jean-Jacques Sène (General Education): Global Focus Seminar (fall and spring)
  • Martina Wells (Modern Languages): German Language and Culture 101 (fall)
  • Lisa Vavro (MA in Landscape Architecture): Study Abroad: Innovative Landscape Architecture in Germany Digital photos student presentations (fall/spring)