Chatham Information Technology Services (ITS)

Chatham Technology Use Policies

Acceptable Technology Use Policies

These policies are intended to promote the responsible and ethical use of the computing resources of Chatham University. In light of the contribution that computers can make to furthering the educational and other objectives of the University, it is in the best interest of the community as a whole that computing resources be used in accordance with practices which ensure that the rights of all users are protected and the goals of the University are achieved. The following policy applies to all students, faculty, and staff who use the Chatham University Computing Network.

Chatham University Acceptable Use Policy (PDF)
The acceptable use policy applies to all faculty, students and staff.

Chatham University Electronic Honor Code (PDF)
The electronic honor code applies to all faculty, students and staff. It expands on the principles of behavior that were incorporated into the Chatham University Honor Code.