Fallingwater Studio Residency | Chatham University, Pittsburgh, PA

Chatham University

Fallingwater Studio Residency

Chatham University Bachelor of Interior Architecture

Course Description

As an immersive, on-site study at Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater, students develop and apply design thinking and visualization skills through the exploration and application of architectural theories, manifestos and phenomenology. Student workflow and artifacts are the culmination of site observations, hikes, lectures, readings, discussions, critiques and design charrettes resulting in a final project presentation.


At the conclusion of the course, the students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to think visually and volumetrically.
  • Understand design elements (for example, space, line, mass, shape, texture) and principles (for example, scale, proportion, balance, rhythm, emphasis, harmony, variety).
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply 2D and 3D design elements and principles to the development of a spatial syntax (for example, volumes of space, visual continuity and balance, visual passages, interconnecting elements).
  • Ability to analyze and discuss spatial definition and organization and the relationship between the build environment, objects and human form.