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Interior Architecture (BIA) Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • effectively locate and gather information associated with both practice and research through a variety of information media
  • evaluate the quality and accuracy of information they locate
  • extract information from sources associated with practice and research
  • evaluate the quality and accuracy of written information
  • critically evaluate the executed works of designers
  • make informed design decisions based on aesthetics, building technologies, human needs and the health, safety and the welfare of the public
  • exhibit a variety of design ideas, approaches and concepts with originality
  • transform conceptual design ideas into a detailed solution that takes into account existing building constraints, user needs, cost, building codes and standards, and a program of spaces
  • engage in problem solving with respect to design projects of varying type, size and scope
  • communicate clearly in writing, in short papers for supporting coursework, concept statements and building programs in the design studios, specifications and schedules for construction documents and contracts and business-related documents
  • formulate a point of view and have the ability to articulate and defend it in written form
  • express ideas clearly in oral presentations and critiques with classmates, other instructors and professionals from the design community
  • formulate a point of view and have the ability to articulate and defend it orally
  • demonstrate  a sustainable approach to interior design
  • think critically and see inquiry as the norm
  • identify, research, and solve design challenges with a logical methodology
  • demonstrate creative solutions and applied spontaneity
  • understand how to conduct and apply research findings
  • demonstrate strong professional communication skills and be able to present their design ideas and solutions with confidence
  • Students will be globally-conscious interior designers

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