Chatham Information Technology Services (ITS)

Technology Fellows

What is it?

The Faculty Technology Fellows Program at Chatham University is designed to increase the number of faculty using technologies in their teaching and scholarship, familiarize faculty with technology tools to increase student engagement, and assist faculty in planning, implementing and assessing technology-based projects. The program seeks to select a diverse group of participants across all disciplines, levels of teaching experiences, and technology expertise. All full-time faculty members are eligible to apply.

Faculty Technology Fellow is a 2-year program. During the first year, the fellows will redesign at least one of their courses to incorporate technology. Fellows will attend a weeklong summer session where they will learn new technologies and develop a plan for incorporating technology into a class and assessing the effectiveness of the technology. At the end of the year, fellows will be asked to make a presentation to the faculty on the planning, implementation and assessment of their project.

In year 2, the fellows will serve as mentors to other faculty members in their respective departments and to new fellows. The mentor's main responsibility will be to support and encourage faculty in their use of technology.

During each year of the program, Fellows will receive a $500 stipend for summer participation. Fellows will also receive $1,500 in travel funds to attend a conference that emphasizes teaching and learning with technology, which may be used in either the first or second year.


  • iPad + App card
  • Specialized Training
  • Access to special equipment
  • Stipend
  • Travel Funds
  • Benefit of a cohort


To read more about the past and ongoing projects, please visit the blog.For additional information about the program, please email