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Network Resources

+ User Account and Password

Every Chatham network user has a unique user name. For new users at Chatham University, the username will follow a first initial, last name convention. If two users have the same first initial and same last name, a single digit is added at the end of the user name, as in the case of John and Jane Jones - jjones1 and jjones2 are used to distinguish them.

Your password will be the following combination: First initial, last initial, birth month, birth day, birth year (jjMMDDYYYY). For Jane Smith, born 1/8/1983, her password would be: js01081983. You should have received information regarding your username and temporary password. If you have not received this information or have forgotten it, please call the Helpdesk at 412-365-1112.

Passwords MUST be changed during the first logon. Protecting your password is very important which is why we suggest using a complex password. At Chatham, we only require that your password be at least 6 characters long. By definition, a complex password incorporates at least all of the following:

  • Lower case letters
  • Upper case letters
  • Numbers (for instance, 1, 2, 3)
  • Symbols (for instance, @, =, -, and so on)
  • Unicode characters

You will also be required to change your password every 120 days; however, you can change your password anytime you like by logging into any campus computer, then selecting [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Delete] and then the Change Password Option. Finally, the network checks your password history to make sure you don't use an old password, even two or three versions back. In other words, you will never be able to re-use an old password (or it will be so old, for instance 50 versions back, you wouldn't remember it anymore).

What if I forget my password?

You can contact the HelpDesk at (412) 365-1112 or via the online ticketing system to request a password reset. We will also be launching a new Password Self-Service tool that will allow you to reset and manage your password online. Look for announcements in the fall to see when this new tool becomes available.

+ Email

As soon as your account is created; you have a Chatham email account. This account is your and you can access this from any computer that has Internet. All of your email from Chatham will go to this email box. We recommend you check it at least once a day.

You can view email via a mail client such as Mail (Macs) or Outlook. Or, you can access the Chatham Webmail via any Web browser:

+ my.Chatham

This is the Chatham Intranet or internal website. Only Chatham students, staff and faculty and access information from my.Chatham.You can find people on campus; see the menus for the dining hall, and view campus announcements and news. You can also view your student account, grades, course schedule and access Library resources from myChatham.

+ my.Moodle

Moodle is the official Learning Management System of Chatham. Faculty upload information to their courses on Moodle so students can view, download, submit, or discuss the material. To access, go to my.Chatham and click on the Moodle tab in the upper right. Use your regular Chatham user name and password to login. Students will see a list of course after login. Additional information on how to use Moodle can be found on the Moodle for Faculty course.

+ my.Portal

The campus faculty portal is a web-based program for Chatham implemented in the Fall of 2006. It is tied to the student information system. The purpose of the portal is to allow faculty to take attendance, enter grades, and advise students. To access the campus portal, visit To log onto the faculty portal use your network username and the password which was emailed to you after FERPA completion. If you have problems accessing the portal, please contact the Helpdesk at 412-365-1112.

+ Atomic Learning

Chatham University has chosen Atomic Learning as an online software training resource for faculty, staff and students. It provides training on over 110 of the most commonly used software applications, such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Appleworks, Moodle and many more. Atomic Learning breaks down each application into manageable tasks and explains each task through a one- to three-minute tutorial. You can view a tutorial when you have a quick question about a program you're using, or you can view a series of tutorials and master an entire application. Over 500 new tutorials added to the site every 45 days, so you should check back often. To access the site, go to my.Chatham and click on the Atomic Learning icon

Technology Resources

+ Equipment

Equipment available to faculty:

+ Software

Software available to faculty:

+ Classroom Technology

Projector/Media Inventory

Building Room Brand Model Smartboard
ADC 201 Epson Powerlite 7800p  
205 Panasonic PT-LB20NTU  
301 NEC NP1000  
302 Panasonic PT-LB20NTU  
202 Smart UX60 Smartboard
203 Epson Powerlite 450W Smartboard
AFC Classroom Panasonic PT-L735NTU  
Conference Room      
Braun B008 Panasonic PT-L735NTU  
B011 Epson Powerlite 83C  
Chapel Main Hall Sanyo PLCXF71  
Basement Panasonic PT-L735NTU  
Coolidge 42 Epson Powerlite 84+  
44 Epson Powerlite 84+  
130 Epson Powerlite 83+  
29 Epson Powerlite 95 Smartboard
237 Epson Powerlite 84+  
236 Epson Powerlite 83+  
234 Smart UX60   Smartboard
Sanger Epson Powerlite 1915  
Falk 10 Epson Powerlite 84+  
117 Epson Powerlite 84+  
216 Epson Powerlite 83C Smartboard
217 Epson Powerlite 83C  
218 Epson Powerlite 83C  
219A Epson Powerlite 83C Smartboard
219B Epson Powerlite 95 Smartboard
220 Epson Powerlite 84+  
Eddy Theater Theater Epson    
JKM Library LCC1 Epson Powerlite 94  
AV Davis Room Epson Powerlite 82C Smartboard Portable
Mellon Boardroom Smart UX60   Smartboard
Broadcast Studio Epson Powerlite 83+  
Conover Epson Powerlite 7900p  
Dilworth 100 Smart UX60   Smartboard
5 Epson Powerlite 95  
Eastside 133 Epson Dual Powerlite 83+  
138 Epson Powerlite 83+  
139 Epson Powerlite 83+  
147 Epson Powerlite 83+  
149 Epson Powerlite 83+  
151 Epson Powerlite 83+/ SMART UX60 Smartboard
153 Epson Powerlite 83+ Smartboard
162 Epson Powerlite 83+/ SMART UX60 Smartboard
170 Epson Powerlite 83+  
207 Epson Powerlite 83+  
101 Epson Powerlite 450W Smartboard
106 Epson Powerlite 450W Smartboard
211 SMART UX60   Smartboard
224 SMART UX60   Smartboard
226 SMART UX60   Smartboard
249 SMART UX60   Smartboard
264 SMART UX60   Smartboard
266 SMART UX60   Smartboard
Woodland 103 Epson Powerlite 83+ Smartboard

How to reserve/request a room

To reserve or request a classroom please see the Registrar or call extension 1862.

Faculty Events and Programs

+ Technology Fellows

What is it?

The Faculty Technology Fellows Program at Chatham University is designed to increase the number of faculty using technologies in their teaching and scholarship, familiarize faculty with technology tools to increase student engagement, and assist faculty in planning, implementing and assessing technology-based projects. The program seeks to select a diverse group of participants across all disciplines, levels of teaching experiences, and technology expertise. All full-time faculty members are eligible to apply.

Faculty Technology Fellows will participate for two years. During the first year, the fellows will redesign at least one of their courses to incorporate technology. Fellows will attend a weeklong summer session where they will learn new technologies and develop a plan for incorporating technology into a class and assessing the effectiveness of the technology. At the end of the year, Fellows will be asked to make a presentation to the faculty on the planning, implementation and assessment of their project.

In year 2, the fellows will serve as mentors to other faculty members in their respective departments and to new fellows. The mentor’s main responsibility will be to support and encourage faculty in their use of technology.

During each year of the program, Fellows will receive a $500 stipend for summer participation. Fellows will also receive $1,500 in travel funds to attend a conference that emphasizes teaching and learning with technology, which may be used in either the first or second year.


  • iPad 3
  • $50 in Apps
  • Specialized Training
  • Access to special equipment
  • Stipend
  • Travel Funds
  • Benefit of a cohort


(These can be pulled from the blog)


(Link to Survey)

+ Technology Events

Help and Services

+Chatham HelpDesk

Chatham's HelpDesk technicians are ready to help you troubleshoot computer-related issues. If you need any assistance you can call (412) 465-1112, submit a ticket online via or visit one of our HelpDesk locations. There are two walk-in locations available: Woodland Hall (Shadyside campus) and Eastside Room 219 (upper floor).

HelpDesk Hours

Mon - Thu 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Saturday 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Sunday 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

+Online Ticketing System

Chatham uses an online ticketing system for managing IT, facilities and IKON requests. Through the tool users can submit requests, keep track of status and communicate with the assigned staff members. The system aims to make the service process as transparent as possible.

How do I access the online ticketing system?

To start using the ticketing system open a web browser and go to You can log in with your regular Chatham username and password.

+ How to Submit a Ticket

How to Submit a ticket

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email address and password
  3. Select the request type: Information Technology Services Support
  4. Select a category form the dropdown menu that appears – depending on the category you choose other dropdown menus may appear and you will need to complete them to provide better information to the helpdesk.
  5. Type a subject to your message
  6. Type in detail the issue or concern you are having. The more detail the better
  7. Enter a call back number
  8. If you are getting an error message or if you are having an issue with a particular file, sometimes it is helpful to attach the file or a screenshot of the error message.
  9. Enter your location and room number
  10. If you have technology assets listed below please select the asset that you are having trouble with or enter the type of asset in the Model section – This does not apply to software or network issues.
  11. Then click save
  12. You should receive an email directly to your Chatham Email address stating that the ticket has been submitted and providing you with a link, so that you can check the status of the ticket actions.

Technology Responsibilities

Information Technology Acceptable Use Policies

These policies are intended to promote the responsible and ethical use of the computing resources of Chatham University. In light of the contribution that computers can make to furthering the educational and other objectives of the University, it is in the best interest of the community as a whole that computing resources be used in accordance with practices which ensure that the rights of all users are protected and the goals of the University are achieved. The following policy applies to all students, faculty, and staff who use the Chatham University Computing Network.

Chatham University Acceptable Use Policy (PDF)
The acceptable use policy applies to all faculty, students and staff.

Chatham University Electronic Honor Code (PDF)
The electronic honor code applies to all faculty, students and staff. It expands on the principles of behavior that were incorporated into the Chatham University Honor Code.

Summary of Technology Responsibilities

The following is a summary of the policies of Information Technology at Chatham University. Please make sure to carefully read the Acceptable Use Policies and Electronic Honor Code in full.

As a member of the Chatham University Community with a user account, you are responsible for adhering to the policies set forth by the Information Technology Department. Violation of these policies may result in termination or suspension of your account and or network privileges or any other action deemed fit by management. Please direct any questions or comments to the Helpdesk at 412-365-1112.

  1. The Chatham University network is intended for the academic, administrative, and research efforts of the members of the Chatham University community. It may not be used for personal gain, including the support of a commercial or personal business, or to solicit goods, services, or money (chain letters, pyramid schemes, etc.)
  2. Information Technologies and the campus network may not be used to violate any federal, state, or local laws or any of the policies of Chatham University.
  3. You may not use information technology or the campus network to engage in copyright infringements, including the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material, software piracy, and copyrighted music. This includes, but is not limited to, the distribution of copyrighted music files (MP3's, etc.) via services like Kazaa, etc.
  4. You should help maintain the integrity of the campus network by ensuring that your password(s) is (are) kept strictly confidential. Please select a password that is not easy to guess and do not share your password or write it down. You are solely responsible for all activity that originates from your account(s) or from the I.P. address that is assigned to your computer. Please remember to log out of your accounts if you leave your computer unattended. If you believe your password has been compromised, reset it immediately, or call the Helpdesk.
  5. You are asked to treat all Chatham technology resources with care and respect:
    • Please report any hardware, software, or virus issues to the Chatham University Helpdesk.
    • Please manage your personal network space and e-mail space.
    • The theft or unauthorized use or removal of any Chatham-owned technology resources is punishable by the University and or local, state, and/or federal agencies.
    • Only one computer may be connected to each jack in the residence halls. No devices other than a single network interface card may be connected.
    • Personal networking equipment such as hubs, switches, and wireless hubs, may not be connected to the campus network.
    • You may not possess or use any hardware or software that is designed to probe the campus network or interfere with the security or normal operation of the campus network.

Information Technology does not routinely access email or personal files that utilize the campus network, but reserves the right to access any items that are stored on or utilize Chatham owned technology resources while performing routine system maintenance or while investigating a potential network violation.