Chatham Information Technology Services (ITS)


Chatham's HelpDesk technicians are ready to help you troubleshoot computer-related issues. If you need any assistance you can call 412-365-1112, submit a ticket online via or visit one of our HelpDesk locations. There are two walk-in locations available: Woodland Hall (Shadyside campus) and Eastside Room 219 (upper floor).

Help and Services

+ Online Ticketing System

Chatham uses an online ticketing system for managing IT, facilities and IKON requests. Through the tool users can submit requests, keep track of status and communicate with the assigned staff members. The system aims to make the service process as transparent as possible.

How do I access the online ticketing system?

To start using the ticketing system open a web browser and go to You can log in with your regular Chatham username and password.

Submit a Helpdesk Ticket

  • Get help with your computer, projector, iPad or jumpdrive
  • Get help with on campus facilities
  • Submit a Lost and Found claim
  • (Request Technology for your classroom)
  • Learn how to receive discounts on technology

How to Submit a ticket

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email address and password
  3. Select the request type: Information Technology Services Support
  4. Select a category form the dropdown menu that appears – depending on the category you choose other dropdown menus may appear and you will need to complete them to provide better information to the helpdesk.
  5. Type a subject to your message
  6. Type in detail the issue or concern you are having. The more detail the better
  7. Enter a call back number
  8. If you are getting an error message or if you are having an issue with a particular file, sometimes it is helpful to attach the file or a screenshot of the error message.
  9. Enter your location and room number
  10. If you have technology assets listed below please select the asset that you are having trouble with or enter the type of asset in the Model section – This does not apply to software or network issues.
  11. Then click save
  12. You should receive an email directly to your Chatham Email address stating that the ticket has been submitted and providing you with a link, so that you can check the status of the ticket actions.

+ How to Request Equipment

To request equipment from the helpdesk please go to log on to, navigate to helpdesk. Select the equipment request form.