An Inspiration for the Community

Community-based Workshops

In partnership with the Center for Regional Agriculture, Food, and Transformation, Eden Hall offers hands-on workshops open to the public that explore everything from bread to fish to chocolate. Additional workshops are offered on topics in sustainability and in the arts.

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K-12 Partnerships

Eden Hall Campus offers an unparalleled range of opportunities to introduce sustainability-related topics to K-12 education in the Pittsburgh area. Children explore topics including the built environment, sustainable agriculture, and ecology, and Chatham students get real-life experience as educators. Initiatives are funded by several local foundations.

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Arts & Culture Programming

2019 marks the sixth anniversary of the Summer Series at Eden Hall Campus, with concerts, dramatic performances, festivals, and farm-to-table events for the whole family. The Summer Series has drawn thousands of people to enjoy memorable afternoons and evenings on the campus that was recognized nationwide with a 2018 Education Facility Design Award of Excellence from the American Institute of Architects. Permanent and temporary art installations are also planned.

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Green Weddings & Events

Eden Hall Campus has hosted weddings and a number of conferences and group meetings, including the Food and Climate Change Conference, the Green Building Alliance, and the Student Conservation Association. From the iconic Eden Hall Barn to the adaptable and inspirational Esther Barazzone Center, EHC can accommodate a range of party sizes, functions, and requirements.

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Accessible Woodlands & Trails

Eden Hall Campus boasts 250 acres of forest, used for recreational trails and education, and a low-ropes course behind the Lodge. Grants are underway with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to further enhance the woodlands.

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Solar Cooking

What if you could cook with a renewable resource? Cook with the world’s first fire, and cut out the middlemen? That is the promise—and increasingly common practice—of solar cooking. Solar cooking works by using curved and reflective surfaces to concentrate the heat of the sun on a small surface area, where the food is placed.

Sustainability Workshops at Eden Hall Campus

With the opening of the new Field Lab at the Richland campus this past July, Eden Hall Campus offered this summer’s first-ever sustainability workshop series. The workshops were designed to share sustainability principles with quick payoffs that participants could easily incorporate into their homes and lives.