Energy, Water, & Soil

Solar Power

Over 400 large solar panels generate 126,000 kilowatt hours annually. Energy that does not get used feeds back into the public electric grid, and Chatham gets an energy credit for the future.

Geothermal Technology

Eden Hall Campus has a geothermal heating and cooling loop system, consisting of 48 geothermal wells, dramatically reduces the energy cost of heating and cooling our buildings. Buildings are monitored for continued efficiency through an energy data system.


Rainwater harvesting provides irrigation water for hoop houses and serves as an inspirational example of a student project that’s making a real difference. Eden Hall Campus has over 30,000 square feet of rain gardens and 41,983 square feet of permeable paving—greatly reducing the impact on the region’s overtaxed sewer system. On-site wastewater management handles up to 6,000 gallons each day.

Orchard Hall

The Orchard Hall Residence Hall at EHC uses radiant heating and cooling ceiling panels installed by Messana Radiant Cooling. Solar thermal panels heat water for Orchard Hall residence hall and heat the main hoop house year-round. It maintains temperatures of up to 80 degrees in the depths of winter, allowing an unbroken year of research (and produce for the dining hall!).