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A Collaborative, Hands-on Learning Environment

Home to Chatham’s Falk School of Sustainability & the Environment, Eden Hall is where undergraduate and graduate students work side-by-side with professors on research and practice initiatives that utilize the campus (and beyond) as a hands-on lab to complement their classroom learning.

Faculty & Student Research

  • Heirloom cacao preservation
  • Start-up food (chocolate & confection) business viability
  • Pesticide-safety in fruit tree orchards
  • Small-scale aquaponics systems
  • Alternative protein & lipids for fish feedstocks
  • Strengthening local farms and businesses (USDA)
  • Exploring Pittsburgh’s biophilic strategy and neighborhood development in Homewood
  • The intersection of public health and the alternative food system
  • Aquatic environmental toxicity of common urban pollutants
  • Long-term, intensive monitoring of stream ecosystems along an urbanized watershed gradient
  • (Japanese barberry)
  • Biodiversity monitoring of western Pennsylvanian nocturnal Lepidoptera
  • Long-term changes in biodiversity, species richness and metabolic diversity in Pennsylvanian Forests: The Permanent Forest Plot Project
  • Long-term changes in lichen diversity and coverage in forest edges, intact forest interiors and wind-cleared canopy openings
  • Variation in evolutionary and ecological traits in populations of Lobelia cardinalis and Lobelia siphilitica in western Pennsylvania
  • Modeling and policy analysis of large-scale solar electricity production and distribution
  • Climate adaptation and the water-energy-food nexus