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Master of Accounting (MAcc) Learning Outcomes

Graduates of master’s level programs acquire a depth of knowledge in accounting that exceeds that of the typical bachelor’s degree graduate along with a general knowledge of how business functions.

The Master of Accounting program is designed to improve the critical thinking, communication, and technical skills for graduates, increasingly required by employers seeking technically qualified accountants. The primary goals of the Master of Accounting degree are:

  • Provide students with advanced technical skills in accounting to help successfully complete the CPA and CMA exams and assume leadership roles in various types of organizations.
  • Provide students with the necessary communication and critical thinking skills to achieve success in the accounting profession.
  • Enable students to prepare, interpret, and analyze all types of financial reports.
  • Enable students to solve new and emerging accounting problems in a global perspective through researching the discipline–specific professional standards or code.
  • Enhance awareness that ethics plays a primary role in all areas of the accounting discipline and performing one’s professional duties in an ethical manner is a professional responsibility.

Graduates of the Master of Accounting (MAcc) program will be able to:

  1. Communicate professionally as a business leader both orally and in writing to bridge diverse perspectives, cultures, and disciplines
  2. Analyze ethical implications of business practices using advanced levels of ethical reasoning
  3. Formulate and execute analytical solutions to business problems using appropriate accounting techniques
  4. Prepare professional analysis which demonstrates theoretical and technical competency in the professional field of accounting