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Graduate Education Mission Statement

Graduate Mission of the Teacher Education Program

The mission of the Graduate Teacher Education Program at Chatham University is parallel to its undergraduate mission which emphasizes the importance of effective teaching and advising, but sees the educational experience extending beyond the classroom and the campus. Therefore, it strives to make individual and personal the education of its students, to enable its graduates to become well-educated persons capable of knowing and exercising life alternatives. The MAT program seeks to promote career development and academic excellence through the application of research based “best practices” in the respective content areas, and specific job-related learning opportunities. Through collaboration with education faculty, school district personnel and their peers, students will develop an appreciation for the challenge to provide all students with equitable and excellent learning experiences. Through the sequence of graduate course activities students will gain the necessary expertise to meet this challenge. Students participate in a collaborative environment which supports individual excellence in content skill development, classroom management, and service within the educational community.

The mission of the Graduate Education Program, like that of the undergraduate program, has been built on the cooperative efforts of all of its constituents. The faculty, students, and leaders in the education community have served to inform this mission. The mission is made available to faculty, students and cooperating teachers from local school districts through distribution of the Teacher Education Certification Program Handbook, Student Teaching Handbooks and Education Program Newsletters. Each year the faculty of the education program revisit its mission for validation and refinement.