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Frequently Asked Questions

Chatham University BA/BS in Mathematics

When will the math courses I need be offered?
Some courses run every semester, some run every year, and some courses alternate years. You can find this information by looking in the course catalogue, and of course, by asking a math professor!

I need to take a specific math course, but it's not being offered this semester. What can I do?
It's usually most convenient to take your math courses at Chatham, so try to plan out your course schedule carefully. Another option is to take a math course at another Pittsburgh college or university.

What can I do with a math degree besides teaching?
In today's highly technical world, the better your math background, the more opportunities open up for you. Check out "What can I do with a Math degree?" for more information. Live up to your highest potential and study math!

How do I become a math major?
Meet with your advisor and a math professor to find out what you need to do. Besides filling out a declaration of major form, you should take a careful look at the courses you will need to complete the degree.