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Mathematics (BA/BS) Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the major, students will be able to:

  • Write well on exams, short paper, long papers and laboratory reports.
  • Make poster presentations and oral reports of varying lengths, either alone or as part of a team.
  • Exhibit critical thinking when reading texts, lecture supplements, and other materials.
  • Prepare a literature review and a bibliography on a topic in mathematics.
  • Obtain relevant information from primary sources in a library or online.
  • Demonstrate knowledge about the history and broad core of mathematics.
  • Recognize and use connections of mathematics to computing and science.
  • Use ethical scientific methods in obtaining and evaluating data.
  • Demonstrate proper methods in the design of algorithms and in the conduct of research.
  • Use Maple, a software package for solving mathematical problems.
  • Appreciate the value of proofs, logic, and applications in mathematics.
  • Understand mathematical notation.
  • Demonstrate skill with numerical, algebraic and calculus problem-solving, and in thinking spatially.

Learning Outcomes Matrix [PDF]

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