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Patricia Rote

Patricia Rote

Adjunct Faculty
Hometown : Pittsburgh, PA
Joined Chatham : 2013

Academic Areas of Interest

Robotics and women tech entrepreneurs

Personal Areas of Interest

Traveling, reading, and mentoring young women


For the past 15 years Patti has focused her efforts on developing a local network of entrepreneurs, roboticists and university researchers, creating membership organizations along the way. She was co-founder of the Pittsburgh Robotics Initiative that merged with the Robotics Foundry, and later she joined The Technology Collaborative (TTC) where she continued to support robotic companies with added responsibilities in marketing and marketing communications, and building and directing a bi-partisan Congressional Robotics Caucus under Representative Doyle. In 2010 under the direction of Government Relations at Carnegie Mellon she assumed the title of Robotics Industry Program Director and she carried the TTC responsibilities with her. Added to her robotics interest she was one of three individuals that led the fifth Robot Hall of Fame in 2012. Patti is co-founder of Girls of Steel, an all-girls high school robotics group at Carnegie Mellon University’s Field Robotics Center, and holds the position of mentor. She is also working in business development for a CMU robotics spin out. Prior to working in the robotics sector she held several management positions including International Strategist at Westinghouse/CBS and traveled the globe focusing on developing nations. Patti has an undergraduate degree from the University of Pittsburgh and a MBA from Duquesne University.