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Information Management Concentration

Chatham University MBA

As one of the fastest growing fields in management, information management is ideal for business professionals who enjoy creative applications of both technical and soft skills. Chatham's MBA concentration on Information Management cultivates leadership and expertise on managing complex information environments in the digital age. The innovative curriculum allows students to translate theory into practice through simulations, case analyses, and experiential projects. Students in the Information Management concentration will gain theoretical understanding of information architecture, as well as hands-on experience with information management systems and innovations essential to diverse industries, such as healthcare, banking, food, and architecture.

Required Courses for Concentration

3-4 courses - 9-12 credit hours
ACT 580 Accounting Information Systems
BUS 551 Informatics in Healthcare
BUS 582 Foundations of Project Management
LAR 515 GIS: Geographical Information Systems
PWR 670 Principles of Information Architecture
PWR 673 Web Design and Development I
PWR 674 Web Design and Development II