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Entrepreneurial Leadership & Strategy Concentration

Chatham University MBA

As business opportunities become more competitive, the ability to stand out and demonstrate one's capabilities to make a significant contribution toward an organization's success is more important than ever. To evidence those skills, business professionals must strengthen their foundations as leaders, hone their abilities to strategically network, develop approaches that cultivate the right relationships, and understand the factors that lead to success in diverse work forces. With these priorities in mind, Chatham's MBA concentration track in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Strategy focuses on developing creative and knowledgeable leaders for 21st century business.

Chatham University's EL&S MBA concentration is designed to address the distinctive challenges entrepreneurial leaders face in today's business climate. As part of its mission to develop graduates as leaders and innovators, Chatham is now focused on educating a new generation of business professionals who are prepared to take their careers to the next level of success.

Required Courses for Focus

3 courses - 9 credit hours
BUS 550 Innovation and Commercialization
BUS 623 Strategic Performance for Executives
BUS 575 Leading Organizations and Projects