Chatham University

MBA Concentrations - Self-Designed Concentration

Self-designed concentrations in Chatham's MBA program allow students to focus on their unique areas of interest while obtaining a transdisciplinary academic experience. Students can select courses from any of the other MBA concentration electives to develop a personalized curriculum of study better aligned for their career responsibilities and aspirations. Full-time MBA students may also take one course per semester from a Pittsburgh Council on Higher Education (PCHE) member school to take advantage of courses or specializations not offered at Chatham to enhance their MBA experience.

Chatham MBA concentration course list

3 courses - 9 credit hours required
BUS 582 Foundations of Project Management
BUS 550 Innovation and Commercialization
BUS 639 Sustainability and Assessment Reporting
BUS 562 Global Procurement
ACT 580 Accounting Information Systems
BUS 540 Healthcare Leadership for Change
BUS 680 Complex Issues in Project Management
BUS 623 Strategic Performance for Women Executives
BUS 641 Sustainable Supply Chain Management
ACT 540 Government and Non-Profit Accounting
BUS 511 Health Policy & Advocacy
BUS 551 Healthcare Informatics
BUS 575 Leading Organizations and Projects
SUS 580 Sustainable Behavior Change
BUS 513 Logistics and Operations
ACT 573 Business Law and Ethics
ACT 545 Accounting Theory
ACT 625 Cost Analysis