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Sustainability Concentration

Chatham University MBA

In business, sustainability can no longer be considered a buzzword or feel-good initiative; it is now a competitive advantage. It defines organizations, sets up companies for profitable growth, and carries enduring brand and reputation distinctions that shape how consumers and shareholders alike view a business. Today, companies better understand the impact that sustainable practices create: by managing the social, environmental, ethical, and operational considerations that impact businesses across various functions, organizations can create value beyond the bottom line. To take advantage of these opportunities in today's hyper-competitive environment, companies need business professionals who can initiate responsible, sustainable practices that are simply smart business decisions. Chatham's Sustainability MBA concentration is dedicated to creating those leaders.

The Sustainability concentration provides students with a practical, application-focused education that sets a solid foundation in business leadership while leveraging Chatham University's renowned educational strengths in sustainability and environmentalism. With this focus, the Sustainability track prepares graduates to understand factors, shape practices, and seize strategic sustainable business opportunities for the organizations they serve.

Required Courses for Concentration

3 courses - 9 credit hours
BUS 639 Sustainability and Assessment Reporting
BUS 641 Sustainable Supply Chain Management
SUS 580 Sustainable Behavior Change