Chatham University


Graduate Research

Through various studios, students have the opportunity to apply their accumulated knowledge of design, plant material, site engineering and sustainability to actual sites in the Pittsburgh region. In addition to studio projects, a required segment of their curriculum includes community field work through design with installation of those designs. This field work can utilize Chatham University's Arboretum, a local community service project or Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater, or a combination thereof for a total of 160 hours. In addition to the required coursework, students prepare a thesis or thesis design project in their area of interest. Copies of graduate theses can be found in the Chatham University Jennie King Mellon Library, with abstracts located under graduate research below.


Comparative Analysis of Web-based Surveys and Community Workshops as Participatory Techniques: The Views of Pittsburgh's Open Space, Parks, and Recreation Planners [PDF]
- Katie Stratmann (April 2012)

Suitability of Agroforestry Practices: A Comparative Analysis of Location and Design Criteria [PDF]
- Stephanie Cup (June 2011)

A Land Conservation Model for Peters Creek Watershed Utilizing Greenprint Techniques to Preserve the High Quality Unique Natural Infrastructure (HQUNI) of Peters Creek Watershed
- Michael James Kotyk (August 2008)

Sensory Gardens: An interactive and learning experience for children with disabilities
- Jodie M. Pavlovich (August 2006)

An Examination of a Few of the Walls Designed by Ralph Griswold, a Fellow of the American Academy in Rome and a Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects
- Mark G. Bastaja (August 2006)


LAR Collection Theses

Title Author
The Regenerative Landscape of Fallingwater: the Most Beautiful Landscape God Never Created Arimoto-Mercer, Kary
The Garden at Elm Cottage, Sewickley Heights, PA: Color and Compromise Barensfeld, Wendy H.
An Examination of a Few of the Walls Designed by Ralph Griswold, a Fellow of the American Academy in Rome and a Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects Bastaja, Mark G.
Saving South Park: Discovering the Past, Finding the Future Block, Ronald J.
Sherwood Oaks Master Plan Cain, Jody; Obendorfer, DeAnn; Riechenbach, Diana; Schulz, Kimberly
Bark in the Park Cohen, Lauren
The Narrative of Nine Mile Run; Offering a Purpose for a Forgotten Landscape Fielder, David
A Poem Planted: Translating Poetry into Landscape Design Fisher, Linda C.
Campus Design Proposal for the Kiski School: Designing a Pedestrian Oriented Campus to Engage the Campus Community Helfer, Kristi Lynn
A Land Conservation Plan for Peters Creek Watershed Utilizing Allegheny Land Trust Green Print Methodology to Identify the High Quality Unique Infrastructure (HQ-UNI) of Peters Creek Watershed Kotyk, Michael J.
The Legacy Oregon Burn Center Garden in Portland, Oregon: A Post Occupancy Evaluation Lynch, Christine Jan
Children's Gardens: Promoting the Design of Dynamic, Interactive, and Naturalistic Play and Learning Environments for Children Mazzey, Katherine
Natures Epitaph: Study for a Green Cemetery in Fayette County, Pennsylvania Mercer, Richard D.
A Municipal-Level Treatment Wetland to Serve the Community of Etna, Pennsylvania: Using EPA Wetland Design Principals for the Treatment of Combined Sewer Overflow Metz, Jacob Beneau
Historic Hartwood Acres: Reclaiming Pittsburgh's Last Country Place Era Landscape Morano, Eloise Danniels
An Agricultural Challenge: Organic Vineyard Design in Southwestern Pennsylvania Ogrodnik, Kelly L.
Sensory Gardens: An Interactive and Learning Experience for Children with Disabilities Pavlovich, Jodie M.
Landslide Community Farm Shoyer, Claire
The Gardens of Ezra Clarke Stiles, Pittsburgh Designer: Sources, Development, and Expression Strahler, Susan Walters
George Washington Greenway Taylor, Thomas Lansing
Is the Grass Really Greener on the Other Side of the Fence? A Question of Sustainability. Weidman, Anne H.
Green Roofs: Landscapes over Structure Ecological Enhancement of the Urban Environment. Weston, Carol Ann
Western Pennsylvania Rail Trails: Setting a Standard for Excellence: A Study of the Montour and Regional Trail Councils Wishiewski, Gwendolyn Locklin
Rain Gardens: Promoting the Awareness of Innovative Stormwater Design Zock, Shelley