Chatham University


Graduate Student Assembly

The purpose of the Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) is to improve graduate student life at Chatham University; to promote interaction among all graduate students; to bring graduate students into a more active participation within their departments; to act as the representative body for the graduate students and to present their views to the administration, faculty, and undergraduates; and to enhance the quality of education available at Chatham University by helping to program campus-wide events and activities which enrich our community through creating on-campus programming of lectures, workshops, and seminars from professionals outside of our University and by helping to enable graduate students to seek professional development through the help of our professional development fund. GSA is made up of two representatives from each Graduate Program, but all graduate students are welcome to attend GSA meetings or are encouraged to share their thoughts/ideas/concerns with the GSA representative.

GSA meets the first Tuesday of every month at 5:00PM, rotating between the Eastside Campus and the Woodland Rd. Campus.

Visit the Graduate Student Activities & Involvement page or email for more information.