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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of the Landscape Architecture Program is to educate future professionals and researchers capable of infusing sustainability into the multiple environments we inhabit on a daily basis. The landscape architecture faculty, trusted with the Landscape Programs (LAR) at Chatham University, is committed to preparing students to assume leadership roles in research and professional practice in the fields of landscape design, planning, and management. The application of sustainable principles and a practical-based approach to design fundamentals are integral to the program. This mission is enhanced by its collaborative relationship with Interior Architecture and the Food Studies Programs.

Goals of the Landscape Architecture Programs

To respond to the demanding and continually changing field of landscape architecture, the LAR Programs challenge its students to develop strength in the core body of knowledge, and competence in a specialized area of the field of landscape architecture. The former is achieved through a broad range of required and elective courses; the latter is accomplished by conducting a thesis or applied capstone project that demonstrates the candidate's ability to generate new knowledge, produce scholarly research, and/or apply cutting-edge knowledge and skills within the profession.

The core required courses are clustered into four primary streams. These streams include a design and planning sequence, a construction and implementation sequence, a graphic communication and media sequence, and a research and scholarship sequence of coursework. The conceptual framework of the curriculum helps the student in discovering his or her potential area of specialization or future interest. Upon completing their MLA degrees, graduates should be able to function as members of a design team in the private and public sectors or as researchers in the academic and non-profit communities.

On the whole, the landscape architecture program strives to develop in each student:

To produce such a graduate, the following objectives have been adopted: