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M.S. in Biology Degree with a Healthcare Informatics Certificate

The MS Biology degree, non-thesis track comprises 12 courses, 7 of which are required and 5 of which are electives. By choosing 4 of the 5 electives in approved Healthcare Informatics (HCI) courses, one can get a Healthcare Informatics Certificate, in addition to the MS degree. This option might be of interest for students who might harbor career interests in health data management. More information about the Healthcare Informatics program is found here.

Possible One-year option for MS-Biology degree with an HCI certificate:

Fall Semester
Course Cr Title
BIO BIO532 3 Biostatistics
BIO516 3 Advanced Neuroscience
BIO516L 2 Advanced Neuroscience
BIO623 2 Methods of Biological Research
HCI HCI502 3 Healthcare Delivery Systems
HCI506 2 Health Policy and Informatics
Total 13
Spring Semester
Course Type Course Cr Title
BIO BIO512 3 Advanced Human Gross Anatomy
BIO512L 2 Advanced Human Gross Anatomy Lab
BIO514 3 Advanced Human Physiology
HCI HCI631 3 Integrating Technology into a Healthcare Environment
HCI651 3 Database Management for evidence-based Decision Making
Total 14
Summer Semester
Course Cr Title
BIO Elective 2-3
HCI HCI504 3 Project Management I
Total 5-6

BIO courses: 8
HCI courses: 4