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Frequently Asked Questions

Master of Science in Biology (MSBio)

+ What support is available to MSBio students?

Students are encouraged to work closely with the appropriate advisor (pre-PA, pre-med, pre-PhD) for the duration of the MSBio program to map out an individualized plan of study that will meet the requirements of the MSBio program and prepare them for their career goal. Central Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA) and American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS), for example, have very specific categories and definitions for what qualifies as science versus non-science coursework. That is where your advisor comes in, ensuring all coursework is advancing your knowledge and propelling you towards your career aspirations.

+ What experiences do MSBio students cite as most helpful?

Students benefit from mock interviews, shadowing and internship experience, hands on work in our human cadaver lab, a curriculum which mimics the rigor of professional programs, and faculty who are available to write committee reference letters when appropriate. This is illustrated by our 90% success rate for individuals who complete our program and go on to gain placement in advanced degree programs.

+ Will I need to take a gap year?

This answer is different for every student. Some students who are very close to making it off of a waitlist benefit simply from being enrolled in a graduate program. Professional schools such as medical, dental, and PA have early application cycles, however, meaning students gain the most benefit from completing a graduate degree and all 32-34 credits of the MSBio program. Therefore, a majority of students take a gap year.