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Chatham University

Master of Science in Biology (MS) Learning Outcomes

  • Goal 1 Enhances students' intellectual growth and development of practical and transferable skills.
    • PSLO 1 Students demonstrate knowledge and skills in human biology.
  • Goal 2 Create a venue for students to gain transferable scientific skills to assist them in their future career endeavors.
    • PSLO 2 Students demonstrate knowledge and skill in research principles, research ethics, and scientific writing.
    • PSLO 3 Students demonstrate knowledge and skill in analysis of biological data.
  • Goal 3 Enhance the transferable skills of students along specific intra-discipline lines, including research and biomedical training.
    • PSLO 4 Thesis track students demonstrate mastery of the scientific method
    • PSLO 5 Thesis track students demonstrate skill in oral communication of scientific research
    • PSLO 6 Medical track students demonstrate interdisciplinary skill in the Medical College Admissions Test