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Jill Cyranowski PhD

Jill Cyranowski

Associate Professor, PsyD Director of Training
Hometown : Toledo, OH
Joined Chatham : 2014

Academic Areas of Interest

Depression and anxiety in adults; interpersonal psychotherapy for depression (IPT); stress physiology and social function; women and depression

Personal Areas of Interest

Reading, Gardening, Cooking, Traveling, Spending time with friends and family


Dr. Cyranowski received her bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Dayton, and her doctoral degree in clinical psychology from the Ohio State University. Broadly speaking, Dr. Cyranowski's research focuses on the etiology and treatment of depression and anxious-depression in adults. Themes related to this research include the role that life stress plays in triggering episodes of depression and anxiety; the impact of social support on modulating stress and maintaining mental health; and developing, disseminating and determining mechanisms of action of brief psychotherapy treatments for depression and anxious-depression. This work has included laboratory-based research evaluating hormonal, parasympathetic, cardiovascular and emotional aspects of interpersonal stress reactivity in depressed and non-depressed women, as well as research to better understand and measure aspects of social relationship function and attachment anxiety. Finally, her treatment-related research has examined variants of IPT (Interpersonal Psychotherapy), an empirically-supported treatment for depression that seeks to improve interpersonal function and enhance social support. Dr. Cyranowski is a licensed psychologist, and focuses her teaching and training efforts on quantitative approaches to research methods and design, and training in psychiatric assessment and empirically-informed treatment.


  • Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology), The Ohio State University (Columbus, OH), 1997
  • M.S. (Clinical Psychology), The Ohio State University (Columbus, OH), 1993
  • B.A., University of Dayton (Dayton, OH), 1991


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  • Licensed Psychologist, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (PS-008854-L)


  • International Society for Interpersonal Psychotherapy (ISIPT)
  • Society for Research in Psychopathology
  • Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research (ABMR)
  • American Psychosomatic Society
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • American Psychological Society
  • American Psychological Association