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Current economic and health care demands have challenged the nursing profession to increase the number of nurse graduates. This creates a strain on existing nursing programs given the shortage of nursing faculty. Therefore, it is essential to train more nurse educators who are knowledgeable about educational methodologies supported by information technology.

In the Educator MSN track at Chatham, students will learn to develop as nurse educators. Course work will focus on the professional role of a nurse educator as well as provide instruction on teaching strategies, curriculum design and evaluation, and utilization of information technologies enabling students to acquire skills necessary for education of current and future nurses. Graduates of the education track will be equally ready to drive nursing education in the classroom, clinic, or other educational settings.

Educator Track (credits) – Click Course for Description

NUR632 Curriculum Design and Evaluation in Nursing Education

This course focuses on the processes of curriculum development and evaluation that are critical responsibilities of nurse educators in schools of nursing, patient education programs, or staff development. Course goals include how the curriculum provides guidelines for program delivery and methods for evaluating program effectiveness.

3 Credits
NUR642 Professional Role and Responsibility of the Nurse Educator

The professional role and responsibility of the nurse educator course focuses on diverse roles and practice environments experienced by nurse educators. The course will provide novice and experienced nurse educators with guidelines for practice in classroom, clinical, staff development, and various educational settings. Academic and institutional policies, protocols and legal aspects will be explored.

3 Credits
NUR652 Teaching Strategies and Information Technology for the Nurse Educator

This course will focus on strategies to develop knowledge and skill sets in pedagogy, teaching-learning theories, testing and measurement, and various educational technologies. An in-depth introduction to information technology that supports practice and improves patient care and outcomes will be explored.

3 Credits
NUR662 Healthcare Education Practicum

The practicum focuses on the role of the professional nurse in the healthcare environment. Students will work closely with healthcare professionals who are directly or indirectly involved in improving care quality, organizational processes, or safety engaging in a learning experience that further integrates program content. Practicum experience includes a formal preceptorship.

3 Credits
NUR672 Healthcare Education Capstone

This capstone focuses on the expanded role of the professional nurse in the healthcare environment. The student will facilitate the implementation of their capstone project developed in the practicum course. The student will work in a collaborative relationship with their preceptor and other identified healthcare professionals who are involved in their project.

3 Credits