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Chatham University Master of Science in Nursing

As nurses progress throughout their careers, many will be called to leadership positions for the health care organizations they serve. The skills needed for those positions are often not typical of the practice of nursing, potentially limiting the impact of those now holding those responsibilities. To do the greatest good for patients and organizations, understanding the various factors that impact the business and practice of health care field is essential.

In the Leadership MSN track at Chatham, students will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to manage operational and administrative aspects of the health care profession. Within the program, the curriculum will cover topics including innovative care delivery models, health care law and policy, financial and budgetary management, and human resources. Graduates of the program will be able to enter leadership positions with a solid base to personally succeed while constantly working to improve the quality of patient care.

Leadership Track (credits) – Click Course for Description

NUR630 Health Care Economics and Financial Management

The Health Care Economics and Financial Management course focuses on examination and understanding of health care financing and reimbursement concepts preparing a world ready nurse leader to function in a variety of health care delivery settings. Content focuses on concepts of budget and leadership management, infuencing policy makers, and linking patient care outcomes to resource management.

3 Credits
NUR640 Leadership for Change

This course focuses on the needs of health care leaders to take health care delivery into the future through creative, innovative design initiatives focusing on a consumer driven health care delivery system. Content includes: variables impacting health care delivery systems, reimbursement and funding for design change, managing competition, and managing human and financial resources.

3 Credits
NUR650 Leadership and Health Care Operations

This course provides an overview of three distinct and necessary areas of leadership knowledge with an emphasis on managerial decision-making including legal aspects of health care, human resource management, and health policy. Students will work through specific scenarios in each of these areas to identify legal, ethical, and political issues.

3 Credits
NUR660 Health Care Leadership Practicum

The Leadership Seminar focuses on relevant and timely health care leadership issues confronting today's health care leaders. Topics will include how to become a better leader, getting support in a leadership role, mentoring others, being a role model, identifying resources for success in a leadership role.

3 Credits
NUR670 Healthcare Leadership Capstone

This capstone course focuses on the expanded role of the professional nurse in the healthcare environment. The student will facilitate the implementation of their capstone plan developed in the practicum course. The student will work in a collaborative relationship with their preceptor and other identified healthcare professionals who are directly or indirectly involved with the project.

3 Credits